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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Has anyone missed me????

Has anyone noticed I have not posted or done anything really here on my blog? I have missed everyone and missed telling everyone what is going on. My Hubby lost his job again. About 4 years ago I opened a ebay account. It might of even been something I did for this blog. I only sold a couple of things and bought a few things with this account. When he lost his job we thought we would sell a few things around the house to help with bills. We found we enjoyed doing this. With some of the money we made we started buying things at garage and estate sales. I love to shop so I thought this was great fun. We did so good we opened a ebay store. It has been open for 3 months now and we have over 430 items listed for anyone to purchase. Just like this blog it has been a real learning adventure. This has become My Hubby's new job. When I'm not at work I'm working on our ebay store too. It has taken a lot of time. We are now starting to get faster and it is taking less time and that is why I'm posting tonight. I would love it if you would go check out our store. Go to ebay and go to crazymomw4boys in the stores. My hubby really wants to change the name but so far we have no come up with on we both like. If you have a name idea for us I'd love to hear it.


siteseer said...

I love hearing about all that you've learned with your new venture. How exciting!!

jenn said...

I've missed you! love all the Precious Moments in your store...wish I had the money to buy them all! lol!

PetsBlogs said...

Welcome back...nice hubby found something he enjoys doing. Good luck with the new venture. How about 4boyspop, or boyssanedad?