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Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MatchBook for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Using Myer’s PsychologyTextbook? | READ FREE!

Do you know someone going to college and paying out lots of money on books. Many of the kid's today in college add a lot to their student loans on books. Just one book can cost $100 or $200. It can really add up fast just for one semester. What if for some of the books you could get them for FREE online. Sound good to you then you need to go check out MatchBooks. MatchBooks has remixed books for commonly taken core classes. You can get the text book online for FREE and they don't expire.  This is great for students that can't afford books. What a great idea.

MatchBooks are not the same at the original text book but they have remixed the text. You will still have the material you need in the text book for your class.

MatchBooks is all about value, they are written by leading scholars, they are customized to match the table of contents, chapter order, chapters and sections cover the same topics and key terms.

Check out Flat World Knowledge on Facebook for more information. If this is something that could help someone you know pass this information.

Let me know what you think. Is this something you think you would use? Do you think this is a great idea? Do you think you would tell someone you know about MatchBook? Just make a comment on this post of why you would use it or recommend MatchBook to a friend or family member.

I would think it is a great way to help with the great expense of school. I know many young adults get out of college with so much debt. This could be one way to cut some of the cost and some of the debt. I think that is a very good thing.





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