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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can we skate yet?

For Christmas our Little Guy received a new pair of ice skates, a hockey stick and a puck. He was been very excited to get out on the lake an play some hockey. Well this has not been a very normal winter so far. The lake just froze over about a week ago. In the past the kid's have been able to make a rink and skate on the lake the week between Christmas and New Years when they are off from school. Not this year. He asked all weekend if the ice was ready for skating. Today they went down to check it out. Nope it is just not thick enough. Maybe next weekend if it stays cold.
Dexter had to go and check out what they were doing. He loves to run around the yard when anyone is outside with him. He seemed to think that they put a hole in the ice so he could get a drink. Just what he needed after a run around the yard and nice cold drink of water.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Well.. I hope another week will do it! Looks like fun!! SO much Fun!! Glad to hear Dexter is enjoying it too! :)

It seeems like much of the country isn't as cold as it normally is, huh?

I just noticed your FB badge.. I just send you a friend request, in case you weren't sure who this "Kristin" was!! :)

Ann said...

Bummer, no ice and him with those new skates. This has been a really odd winter.