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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glass Block Craft

A friend and boss of mine at work has been making these amazing glass blocks to decorate the counter at work. She also make a set for her mantle at home.

To start with she buys a glass block that already has a hole drilled in it. Most craft stores have them now. I want to make a couple too and I picked mine up at Menard's. I heard that Lowe's and Home Depot carry them in red and green but only during the Christmas holiday season.

The first block is for Halloween. There is a design on both sides. Side one is a jack-O-lantern and the other side is Frankenstein.

Next is the fall/Thanksgiving block. A scarecrow on one side and a turkey on the other.

Last is the Christmas block, candle and Santa on the other side.

Remember I have not made one yet myself. I only hope I can come up with a creation close to as nice as hers. She takes tissue paper in the color that works with the theme and apply it to a side of the block with Mod Podge glue. Put a couple of coats of glue on the tissue paper. I didn't take a picture of the sides and I should of. She has picked out napkins that works with the theme of the block and glued it to all four sides of the block. Go online and pick out a stencil pattern you like and print it the size you want it on the block. Then cut it out of card stock paper in the color that goes with your design. Glue onto block. Then put a couple of layers of glue on the whole block. Buy either a single light that will just go into the bottom or you can buy a small string of low heat lights to put into the block. Now plug it in and enjoy.

I hope to have a wonderful  winter block to share with you soon.

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jenn said...

These are awesome! The only ones I have seen are plain white with lights in them for Christmas. I love the idea of using the tissue paper to color the glass. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Ann said...

those are really nice. Glad to hear that they make the blocks with the holes already in them. A girl at work made some of those a few years ago and she said drilling the hole was the hardest part

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Those are so neat!