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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elf Magic

Last weekend I went to a friends house for a ornament party. She has a adorable 4 year old that couldn't wait to tell and show everyone their elf. I wish I would of taken a picture she was so cute. She went into the kitchen and above the sink they have a pot rack and up on the rack was a elf. Their elf even had a name, sorry I don't remember his name. From her I figured this elf was watching and knew when she was naughty or nice. I'm sure this is one of Santa's elf's and he reports to the big guy himself. Then just the other day I was on fb and a friend of mine had pictures of their elf named Gordon. Here are a couple of picture of Gordon. Their elf had been playing outside.
I felt like I had missed out on something here. I turned to my good friend Google and I found The Elf on the Shelf. Yes the Elf has it's own website. If you would like to buy a elf for your house I found the book and elf on $29.94. I think this is very fun and I really wish I had little ones around the house that the magic of a Elf could look over and report back to the big elf Santa.


Ann said...

now why didn't I ever think of something like that when my kids were little. I love it

Tammy said...

Ann that is what I say about so many things "Why didn't I think of that".