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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last Sunday we went up to Son #2's football banquet. It was a really nice day for the almost 2 hour ride there. I miss Son #2 like crazy when he is away at college. I'm always looking for reason to go visit him. The banquet was really nice, they do a good job talking about the players and the football program.

This season there was only 5 seniors that were honored at the banquet. I didn't understand why there were so few. My Hubby didn't know why and son #2 didn't know. So I went and asked another mom of a player who has been in the football program for 4 years.

I will use Son #2 as my example. When you play football for a college you only have 4 years of eligibility. If you red shirt your first year (you don't play) you are called a red shirt freshman. Then the next year you play you are then a freshman. Or if you are like Son #2 and you end up being a medical red shirt (didn't play because of a injury) you are call a red shirt freshman again. Then in your third year of college you play you are a freshman, then your fourth year a sophomore and so on.

There were only 5 seniors on the team this year because many of the boys don't stay until they were a senior on the football team. Many graduate before making it to that point.

Son #2 red shirted for 2 years and has 4 years to play football. To be a senior on the football team he will be going to college for 6 years. Not a bad thing, he could go for 6 years and graduate with 2 masters degrees. That sounds great to me. I guess we will just have to see what happens.

One other term I want to tell you about and that is a true freshman. This is when a player does not red shirt so he is a true freshman. You will hear is often when watching college football on TV.

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Ann said...

well that's rather interesting. Learn something new every day :)