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Sunday, September 25, 2011

This was from Friday night. It was our Little Guy's 13th birthday. The kid's seem to enjoy cupcakes more then a cake so that is what I make them now for their birthdays. The Little Guy wanted carmel cupcakes with carmel icing and that is what I made him. The happy birthday cupcake holder came from Oriental Trading and was only like $8.00 isn't it nice. I wanted to post a picture to show everyone The Little Guys hair cut. Yes he had me buzz off all that pretty blond hair. He said it was just to hot and sweaty when he was playing football. I understood. Tammy


Ann said...

That's the way my son has had his hair for years. It was kind of sad the first time he got it cut like that. I missed the little boy hair :)
Those cupcakes sound yummy

Tammy said...

They do look older with out all that hair. I sometimes wish I could wear my hair that short.