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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday to The Little Guy

Happy birthday to my youngest son know as The Little Guy. He isn't so little anymore. As a matter of fact today he officially turns into a teenager, he is 13. As with all my boys it seems like just yesterday that they were just baby's and I was their whole world. Not anymore. Our Little Guy is very busy with school, sports, friends and so much more. He is turning into a wonderful young man and we are very proud of him. I will post some picture of him on his birthday. I don't have any yet with his hair all buzzed off. He looks much older. Happy 13th Birthday to The Little Guy.


Ann said...

A very happy birthday to your little guy. Hope he has a great one

Anonymous said...

WOW!! FOUR BOYS!!!, you'de really be the Queen of China!!. I'm a half Asian girl and we belive a Son brings you 'Wealth', 'Status' and carries on your family name!! so......well wow!! ha ha, well done! :p. YAY!. Yes, 13, i remember turning 13 and HATING everybody saying "teenager now"!! ha ha (it gets easier)! but i'm sure he's still a little boy to you!!....he seems to be doing well with all the hobbies, sports and friends he has. My name is Shameme and i look 13!!! kidding, i have an illness and it's made me small....but it suits me. I live in Northern England with my Mum and unlike your Sons am an only child. You look like a great family and i'd love to be friends so if you ever fancy emailing me i can be contacted at
Bye for now and hope
he enjoys being 13!!
Shameme x

P.S. 'A Son Is An Immeasurable
-Ancient Chinese Belief