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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dexter Update

Dexter just can't be left in the house alone. He is going to hurt himself. First we had a plastic crate it was a XL but Dexter is a XXL dog. He didn't fit. Then a friend let us use this metal cage. It is working good. He does bark when we are gone but I think he will stop this at some point. We have only left him for about a hour and a half at a time. The past couple of days we noticed he had some scratches on his nose and wondered how he got them. Well today we found out. He is pushing the door to the cage with his nose and head. Today he was out of the cage when we came home. The dog is a escape artist. I just can't believe it. So I guess we need to figure something else out.
This is Son #1 showing Dexter that the cage really isn't all that scary.
Son #1 had to get a new door for his car. He went up to the junk yard to get a new door and left his car in the driveway without a door. Dexter thought he would check it out and see how it felt to be in the drivers seat.

Isn't he a good looking doggy. I just wish he didn't miss us so much when we are gone.

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Ann said...

Dexter is a smart one isn't he. We had a chocolate lab that figured out how to get out of his crate. I have no idea how he managed to do it but he did.
Maybe Dexter needs a companion to play with when you aren't