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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dexter Update

Dexter is saying I'm really a good boy don't get mad at me. Just look at that face isn't it sweet.

But he was bad again last night and went out a window screen on the second floor again. Son #3 was coming back home and heard the screen rip. He saw Dexter jump off the roof like it was nothing. Crazy dog.

Someone said get a crate and crate him. My boss had one for her 95 lbs. lab. Well as you can see not big enough for 120 lbs Dexter. Think we will have to keep looking. He really didn't even like to be near the crate.

Someone else said get him a Kong dog toy. We did that too. We had to get the XL size and The Little Guy is showing Dexter how to get the treats out of it. He does seem to really like it. We have it in the freezer right now with peanut butter in it. The plan is next time we go out we will give him his Kong toy and it will keep him busy for some time. Maybe he will forget we are not home.

Dexter even let The little Guy put his football jersey on him. Dexter then posed for pictures. Silly boys.


Ann said...

Dexter is awfully handsome. I hope you figure out a way to break him of his bad habit.
Maybe you could do a few trial runs with the kong to see how he does. Pretend to leave and just hide outside somewhere to see what happens.

Becki said...

Poor silly boy! My mom has told me some of his stories - he sounds like a handful :)

siteseer said...

Dexter is just very LUCKY that you are so patient!!