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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Garden

I really enjoy playing out in my garden. I find it really relaxing and I love sitting back and just enjoying how beautiful it all looks.

Below is over by our shed I have been working on this garden for a couple of years now. The plants seem to be growing really nice. Since this picture the Rose of Sharons have bloomed and their colors are just beautiful. The humming birds have really been buzzing around the garden.

I have a planter like this on each side of the walk way up to the house.

The Hibiscus plants seem to really like the hot weather we have had.

This is one of the blooms on the Rose of Sharon.

Butterfly bush

Hydrangea with my one bloom. This is the second year that we only had one bloom. But this is better then no blooms which is what we had before this one showed up.

We had a family move into our bird house.

This was a little tour of my yard. How is your yard looking?


siteseer said...

beautiful flowers!! All of your gardens are doing really well!

jenn said...

Beautiful pictures, Tammy! I wish I had a yard for a garden.

Becki said...

I think a rose of sharon might be what's next to our garage. I'll have to post pictures so someone can let me know ;)

Ann said...

doing some catching up today. Your garden is gorgeous. My yard, not looking so good right now :)
congrats and happy birthday to your son

Rose Plated said...

You have a very beautiful garden! Congratulations on it and keep it the way it is cause it looks so peaceful and calm... perfect when you have the stress levels up!

Tabby Dinosaur said...

Lovely flowers you have on your garden with all those different colors. If I have a garden like that, I will definitely always stay on my garden. It will be relaxing.