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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Crazy Weather

I was getting sick of looking at our lake with snow. Time for a nice spring picture what do you think? This is a picture I took last night. The colors in the sky were reflecting just beautifully off the lake. I'm so luck to get to look at this every day.

It doesn't always look so peaceful and beautiful. Last Sunday we had a Tornado come over. It came up very fast. Our power went out just after we had finished making dinner. Then came the winds and rain. I was able to take a couple of pictures. They really don't show much. It is hard to tell but the lake was very ruff. I have never seen it look like this.

Then after it had passed we went looking to see if there was any damage. We were very lucky it only took the top off of a couple of trees.

The neighbors were not so lucky they ended up with a tree falling into their garage and down the road they had a tree hit their home. We have been having some very crazy weather. We went from winter, I had the heat on in the house on Saturday to summer it was 93 on Monday.

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Ann said...

That is one gorgeous view there. It sounds like you've had the same kind of weather we've been having. We hit 95 the other day and last week there was a tornado that touched down about 10 miles from us.