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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation Party Part One

Sorry that I have been away. I think about blogging all the time. It seem that by the time I get home I'm sooooo tired that I don't get my blogging done. Sleep wins. So what have I been doing? One thing is planning Son #3's graduation party. This is my third grad party, Son #1 in 2008 and Son #2 just last year. I'd like to think I'm getting really good at this. I thought I would share some of the planning I do and maybe help someone else with their party.

Back at the beginning of this school year a form came home regarding ordering graduation items. Ours are from a company name Jostens. They sell everything you could think of for your graduate. I order announcements to send out at the end of the year. Here is my advise on this just order enough for close relatives like grandma and grandpa, god parents and out of town family. I order 3. Yes you read that right 3, one for grandma, another for My Hubby's brother and family out of state and then one for my son's scrapbook. I have also found that I don't order all the little pieces like the 2 envelopes and tissue or that little card with the graduates name on it. Why you ask? Because you can only order them in larger amounts. I made the little cards with my son's name and year on it. I printed it on nice card stock paper using Word and it looks great. It's all going to go in the garbage at some point. Our order came in about a month before graduation.

The summer before your child starts their senior year it is time to think about senior pictures. The school for the year book will want a head shot the beginning of the year too. Pictures can be very costly. We are very very luck to have a wonderful friend that has taken our boys pictures. My tip here is just don't go crazy with them spending a ton or buying to much and I'm a picture nut. Plus don't order to many wallets. They are not used like they were as they say "back in the day". I think it is because of my next tip.

Once you have your date picked out for the party order invitation. I like to use places like Walgreen Photo's, CVS Photo's or Snapfish. I picked these three because I have used each of them. Every year they have different designs so look around till you find the one you like and make sure they have enough room for what you want to write on it. Also always check for coupons and discounts. They all have them at graduation time. This year I used Snapfish and they turned out wonderful. I scanned the picture I wanted to use and then loaded on to Snapfish and then started playing around till I had the right layout and words. Then I ordered them. I had them sent to our home and had them in a couple of days. You can have them sent to a store and have them in only a hour if you are ordering last minute.

Put one of these in with each announcement you send out and for everyone else send out just the invitation. They have a picture of the graduate on them so you don't have to enclose a wallet. I also found this year more then the past years that I didn't sent out as many invitation. Not because I didn't invite as many people but because of Facebook. Many of my friends and my kid's friends are on Facebook. I made up a invitation on Facebook with my son's picture and all the information and sent it out to everyone I wanted to invite. Super easy!

So sorry I have broken one of my blogging rules which is keep is short. I have so much else to talk about regarding planning for a graduation party so I guess I will have to brake it down into several posts.

I hope some of my tips help.


Ann said...

It's a very hectic time of year especially if you have a senior in the house.

siteseer said...

that's a lot of planning. Glad I'm through that stage ;)

Russ said...

I don't envy you at all. It is already a rough time of the year. A Graduation makes it even tougher.