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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation Party Part One Continued

When I did my first post on planning a graduation party last week I didn't have any pictures. I had wanted to scan a couple of things and couldn't get my scanner to work. Well I gave up and just took pictures of things. Here are my pictures.

These are a sheet of the wallets that I ordered from Snapfish. I think they were like .79 a sheet. With my picture editing program I even added my sons name and 2011. I ordered 4 different pictures for the wallets. My boys really don't give them out so I didn't order a lot.

I cut the pictures apart.

Then I took my handy scrapbook corner cutter and rounded the corners.

Now look I have 4 wallets perfect to be handed out.
Here is a picture of our graduation party invitations that I also ordered from Snapfish. The only thing I would change is the printing about the party is to dark on the green. Our school colors are green and gold and I think I should of changed the word color to a yellow. You can do all this when you setting up your invitation.

This is one of the announcements I ordered. At the top of the picture is the card I made to go into the slots in the announcement.

Here the name slip is in the announcment.

This is what was sent out to Grandma. I think it turned out very nice.

I plan on doing another post regarding more graduation party planning.


Ann said...

those look great and just think of all the money you saved by doing it yourself.

siteseer said...

you do a very professional looking job. Graduation is such a huge cost, and if you let them they'll squeeze every dime out of you.