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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Yes I did watch the Royal wedding this morning. I didn't want to miss it. I think it was just beautiful. Very much a fairytale wedding. I went and checked out some pictures and want to share some with you.

Kate and her dad going to the church.

The dress. Just beautiful. I really love Pippa's dress too. They are both very beautiful women.

Just married coming out of the church. Don't they look happy.

The first kiss. I missed this because I had to head on off to work. But I love this picture. Look at the little one in the bottom corner. So sweet, I don't think she wants to be there.

Kate's sister Pippa with the little ones.

The Queen in yellow looking wonderful.

Brothers looking all regal.

Proud parent and as some one at work call her Godzilla.

I added this picture for the hats. What is this a ring with a bow on it? Bad look if you ask me.

Did anyone else watch the wedding? What were your thoughts?


Dianne x said...

Here in England everything stood still for the wedding today. I have to say I was in 2 minds about it, being a big follower of Diana I can't bear to look at "Godzilla" as you call her, very good I like it. Over here we call her much worse.

I needed a box of tissues and was glued to the television it was a lovely day and they are a lovely couple.

We also thought those hats and outfits were hideous, do you think their mother chose them?

lovely photos


Ann said...

I didn't see the wedding. I get up early enough as it is and was not about to give up any of my sleep :)

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

No ~ Didn't watch the wedding live ~ we had company all week thru today!~ But have seen lots of clips, pics and videos! I think Harry and Pippa would make a great pair too! William and Kate are lovely ~ wishing them the best!

siteseer said...

love the pictures. What a beautiful day they had.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I watched it! I loved it!! I thought that you could just feel the love between them, it was exciting!

And I actually felt a little disappointed that the carriage wasn't a glass pumpkin! LOL, too much DISNEY princess fairy tales over here!! lol!

Mhar's Display said...

The wedding was wonderful. The couple is adorable. Hmm...about the hats? I love some of them, I don't like the others (maybe those are intended to catch attention?)

But the wedding was really nice.

Mandee said...

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Catherine said...

Watched clips of it...was very beautiful. Lovely dress that Kate chose. I don't know what kind of hats the cousins were wearing. I agree,very bad look!

Sandy said...

Didn't consider getting up at that hour to watch it. Didn't watch the reruns either, but couldn't escape seeing clips as it was everywhere. She's pretty, her dress far prettier than Di's. I thought Di's looked like it didn't fit her, and color was awful for her. Don't imagine at her age she had much say in the process though.

I hope there's is a real marriage. The last royal wedding was a scam for the day one. I think it's awful to spend that kind of money when people are starving, have no roofs over their heads etc. I have a problem with the whole royal thing. In this day and age they are only figure heads anyway, they have an elected government. What's the big deal? If I were a Brit, I would not be happy paying for this through taxes. Way over the top with pomp and circumstance to my way of thinking. After all, they've been living together so...what's the point?

So much devastation in Japan and lives lost in war and tornado's I thought it was really in bad taste.

Hideous hats for sure. The only one that looked normal was The Queen, she always seems classy.