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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Bunch About Nothing

What is up with chicken and waffles? I just don't get it, sorry. People keep telling me it's southern thing. Well I know about chicken and I know about waffles but having them both on the same plate, NO. Could anyone explain this to me please? This whole Japan nuclear meltdown thing is getting to me. I'm not some tree hugger or looking to save the plant but this is really really bad. It's in the ocean, the air, it's in their food and animals. Every day we seem to hear less and less. I think they don't know what to do. Like I said this is really really bad. It's cold here today and yesterday I cleaned out the leafs from my flower beds and my tulips. I wonder if they are going to have black on their leafs. I think I should of waited. The kid's are on spring break this week. I sure hope the weather gets better. I'm very jealous of all my lucky friends that when away to warmer places. But I sure hope they are having fun. I went to a "toy" party this weekend. It was fun. The lady giving the party was a real hoot. She had songs and raps, plus all kinds of names for items and body parts. I had a bunch of really good laughs with everyone. I also left with a little brown bag and I'm not telling what was in it. Gas prices are out of this world. Today we paid $3.82. I got gas on Friday and paid $3.60 and thought that was bad. WHY does it keep going up? Gas is just killing my budget.


siteseer said...

I'm with you on the waffles & chicken

Ann said...

waffles and chicken? that's just plain I like both but not at the same time.
Our gas went up to 3.79 today. It's getting outrageous. If it keeps going we won't be able to afford to drive any more. Then someone was saying that coffee prices are skyrocketing. A large can of coffee was 19.99 at one of the local stores. That is nuts