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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dream Vacation Friday

Today I'm going to do a little dreaming.

I would love very much to go on vacation. I really really need one. But (always a but) I don't see one for a long time in my future. I thought I would start doing a post on Friday of places I would love to go on vacation. I have heard that if you picture things in your head it is more likely to come true. We will see.

Last night I was watching Wheel of Future and the prize puzzle trip was to St. Lucia. It looked really beautiful and warm. It's so cold here in Michigan right now. I'm very much into going to the beach anytime. I love the water, sun, sand and tropical drinks with little umbrellas.

St. Lucia Vacation:

As you can see St. Lucia is a island down towards South America. The tiny Caribbean island of St. Lucia, with a South Pacific vibe and lush preserved habitat, is a vacation destination that knows very well the true meaning of relation. Only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, the island has two coastal peaks which rise up to 2,000 feet from sea level and dip into astounding tropical rainforest brimming with exotic fascinations like birds of paradise, wild orchids and the indigenous St. Lucia parrot. Spotting the rainforest are lovely field crops of plentiful tropical fruit trees.

It looks like Jalousie Beach is where I would want to spend my time.

This was a review I found on Jalousie Beach.

Jalousie Beach is one of the most picturesque areas I have ever been to. We visited on a slightly overcast, rainy day (as a part of a fantastic Cosol tour) and I was still in love!

The chairs/umbrellas are not worth the rent if you're visiting from outside the resort, but drop your towel and do some swimming/snorkeling (I was told it was among our Caribbean cruise's best)!

In reading about this area I see that Jalousie Beach has some of the best snorkeling in the area. Sounds like fun.

I also checked out the Anse Chastanet Resort. The rooms look big with great views all the way around them.

The only thing that didn't sound very good was that you have to get into a small plane to get to this little island. This sounds very scary to me. I don't love to fly on a big plane, but will do it.

Has anyone been to St. Lucia? Do you have a favorite island you like to vacation at? I would love to hear about it.

Now I have to start thinking about where I'm going to dream vacation next Friday.


Becki said...

A couple of Caribbean islands were ports on our honeymoon cruise, but I don't think this was one of them. Looks nice!

Ann said...

I think I'll dream right along with you if you don't mind. I would love a "real" vacation

Tammy said...

Ann-of course you can join me on the dream vacation. What would a vacation be with out a friend.

Becki-a cruise sure sounds fun. I'm sure you and Andy had a great time.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

... never been... but, now I am just craving a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in it! ; )

siteseer said...

A warm beach sounds perfect to me too. And no, I've never been island hopping :)