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Monday, February 21, 2011

My Weekend

Saturday morning I went to a outside auction of everything in a home. I dressed for the auction but was still freezing. When I go to something like this I always wonder what the story is behind the reason why these people have to get rid of everything. I didn't hear the whole story just that the auction was court ordered and that they have a house in Florida that they were now living in. Anyways I went because we really really need a new couch. When you sit on ours you sit in a hole and it is very hard to get out of that hole. These people bidding at this action were crazy. They started out with box lots and misc. items. This lady bought 4 boxes of used towels that were all different colors for $30 a box that is $120 for rags if you ask me. Heck I could of gone to Kohl's and bought the color and kind I wanted for less then that and they would of been new. I stood out on the driveway for 1 1/2 hours before they went to the stuff inside. They had 4 couches. The first couch went for $450. I was cool and hungry and left. I don't know why but people were bidding high I thought. Oh well you don't know unless you try right.

I came home and did some baking. Son #2 was home from college and I wanted to make him some cookies and muffins to take back with him. I also went outside and did some raking. We had high winds last week and we had a nice size pile of leafs in our diveway.

I made dinner Chicken Enchilada's, did some reading and finish covering some pillows.

These were really easy. I bought two pillows from Joanne's I also bought fleece to cover them. I cut the fleece so the pillow would fit with extra room for the edge fringe. I then pinned where I wanted to sew and I just sewed it with yarn. I left one end open and slipped the pillow in and finished sewing it with my yarn and tied it. I then cut the fringe. Super easy and the boys have been using them every since I finished them.

Sunday I went grocery shopping in the morning. Then a big snow storm came in and we ended up with about 9 inches of snow. Son #2 ended up missing class today because mom made him stay home because I was not letting him drive a hour and a half in the snow. Here I am still at home, I haven't even left for work yet. My Hubby did go in on time. He just started a new job so he had to be there. He said the roads were horrible.


siteseer said...

Nice pillows. I can't believe they got $450 for a couch. WOW!! And yes, the road are HORRIBLE!!

Ann said...

I thought the whole point of an auction was so that you could get some good Those people are nuts, they could have gone to the store and bought brand new.
Love the pillows and how easy to make too. they look great.

A.Marie said...

Love those pillows!

And, yes, $450 for a used couch...that is just crazy!!!!

Tammy said...

I think the people were crazy. I thought the prices would be better since it was used items at a auction in the freezing cold. I guess some peoples brain froze.

Tammy said...

Son #3 now wants me to make him pillows with deers on it.