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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Again

I don't know how the weekends go by so fast. I seem to say that every Monday. We started the weekend off with My Hubby coming home from work and he couldn't walk. He did something to his knee. He iced and took care of it all weekend. Today he was able to get a doctor's appointment for tomorrow.

Saturday night our Little Guy had a indoor baseball game. The boys loved getting out and playing a little baseball but getting there was not fun. The roads were icing up and there were cars, vans and truck spinning of the road. I'm very happy that everyone made it there safe. I was also really happy that for our trip home was much better. Below is a picture of this years team. One of our sponsors gave all the boys shirts. We wanted to get a picture of the team wearing their shirts.
Yes our Little Guy is the one in front of the coach or first one in the front row that looks like he is farting. He thinks it's funny, I don't, but boys will be boys.

Happy Monday to everyone. I hope your week has started off fantastic.


Becki said...

Sounds like a weekend of ups and downs!
Knee problems are the pits :(

Ann said...

where do those weekends go, seems you blink and they are over with. You had quite the interesting mix over the weekend. Hope your husbands knee is doing better

siteseer said...

he is so cute lol