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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smokie's Seat

For Christmas our sweet kitty Smokie received a Seen on TV EmeryCat from Santa. She doesn't scratch it! She likes to just sit on it. We have it in the middle of the family room where it would be easy for her to go up and scratch on it. She goes up to it and sits down and looks at us. It's really kinda funny. I guess we have to look at it as at least she uses it.


ceemee said...

Smokie is so adorable! Maybe it feel good for her bum. :-)

siteseer said...

too cute. Did anyone show her how to use it? lol

Ann said...

oh that is just too funny. Smokie obviously sees a better use for it :)

Taste Buds said...

She is sitting on it again right now. Maybe she does like how it feels.