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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Larry Griswold - Funny Guy

This is a YouTube Video I received in a email. I thought was funny. I had never heard of Larry Griswold. The video is from the Frank Sinatra TV Show in 1951. Maybe I hadn't heard of Larry Griswold because I wasn't even born in 1951.

Information about Larry Griswold:
Laurens (Larry) V. Griswold (September 17, 1905 - August 24, 1996), known as "The Diving Fool", was an American gymnast and entertainer who was involved in the early development of the trampoline.

I hope you too enjoyed the video :)


Catherine said...

Tammy, That was soooo much fun to watch...Thank you for posting that video. It made me laugh out loud..We all need to laugh more often...Thank you. Blessings, Catherine

Con Artist Trickster said...

Now, that's a classic amusement. Thanks for sharing this video.

Ann said...

I've never heard of him either but he sure was funny and fun to watch. Loved his big finish there. That was really cool.

Taste Buds said...

This Larry guy is very funny and no bad language.