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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today is a very cold snowy day. I stayed in bed a little longer then I should of but sometimes that is when I have my best idea's.

This morning I was thinking about increasing my income on my blog.

Also about starting one or more new blogs. I'm hoping that My Hubby will help me out with all this. He is unemployed and has more time really then I do. Since he is unemployed is the reason I want to increase my income blogging. I just hope I can do it because I don't remember a lot of what I did to start this blog about 3 years ago. I should look I think it is 3 years this month. I also think it would be good for My Hubby to have a project and use his mind. Don't tell him I said that.

Does anyone have any help for me on making more money on my blog. I can always use help.


jenn said...

You know, I have three blogs I do paid posts on, and the new ss is great for getting the same opp for all my blogs. It's hard sometimes to come up with three different ideas for the same opp, but worth it. It's easy to start a new one, too. I started my food blog about six months ago (or something like that) and it's been getting some really good opps. And it's a one, not even dot com. Anyway, you know I'm here to help!

Ann said...

I can't help since I've never made a dime with my blog and never even tried. Are you familiar with Sharkbytes from My quality day? She did a post a while back of all the sites she has used to make money. She included her thoughts on each one and how much she made. I don't know the link to the post but the blog link is
if you can't find the post I"m sure she'll be happy to point you to it.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I'm not sure if this would work or not. But could your husband run a blogging/marketing business where he runs blogs for other people, keeps them updated and such.

There are a lot of writers and crafters online who try and use the Internet for marketing purposes, but don't have a lot of time. Writers do blog tours, which need to be set up with online blog reviewers. Crafters and writers do giveaways sometimes. He might be able to organize those.

Of course this may seem girly to him, especially in terms of crafters. But perhaps he could help with a business that he has experience with. Charging for his services, of course.

B Boys Mom said...

Thanks you so much for your help. I will be looking into all the things mentioned.

siteseer said...

I'm clueless.... you're usually the one giving me ideas :)

Chris said...

Hey I say Go For It ! Start another blog or two, I think you would do great. The only drawback is taxes at the end of the year on paid blogs, it really got me a few years ago, ugh. XO