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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday Son #1

This is Son #1 at Christmas. Today he is turning 21. I just can't believe he is 21. It just seems like yesterday he was just a little guy running around the house. He is our AZ baby. He doesn't even remember living there but that is where he was born. The day he was born it was a warm and sunny day. Since we have moved north he has spent most of his birthdays with snow on the ground.

At 16 they can't wait to drive and at 21 they can't wait to drink. Very scary. I think we have raised a very responsible man. Plus for about the past month I have been talking to him about drinking. Isn't that a mom's job? He keeps telling me I know, I know. I pray that he really does. Son #1 is a wonderful person. He is very caring and people just love him. He has a smile that comes easy and you can tell that it is from the heart. Tonight we are going to go to dinner to celerbrate. I'll post pictures later this week.

Happy Birthday Son #1


Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your son.
It's hard being a mom sometimes isn't it?

Tammy said...

I have an award for you here.

siteseer said...

Happy Birthday #1!! I know you're #1 in your Mom's heart!