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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turf Toe

Sunday we were watching the Lions play the Bears and they mentioned a player had really bad "Turf Toe". I have 4 boys and they have played football and have had many injury's. I didn't have any idea what turf toe was. So I asked My Hubby "What is Turf Toe?". He looked at me and said I really don't know.

This has been bugging me so I had to look it up. Here is what I found:

Turf toe is a condition that can sideline the most well-trained football players, and other athletes. So what is this condition and how is it treated?
Turf toe is a condition of pain at the base of the big toe, located at the ball of the foot. Turf toe is usually caused from either jamming the toe, or pushing off repeatedly when running or jumping. The most common complaint is pain at the base of the toe, but patients may also have symptoms of stiffness and swelling.

Now we all know what Turf Toe is :)


Shinade said...

I wonder if just regular people can get this?

Every time I go out on a photo hunt and spend hours climbing up and down, walking and poking around in places, my big toe on my right foot hurts just as you have explained here.

It hurts so bad that I can't put any pressure at all on it some times fora couple days.

Hummmm....this is the closest explanation to what I experience I have ever read!!

have a great day!

siteseer said...

bet Duffy has that

Ann said...

well you learn something new every day. I've never heard of turf toe before. Now I know though. :)

B Boys Mom said...

Jackie you could have this. Read up on it. I didn't put everyone in this post. I hope it helps.