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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Son #3 is a Senior

Son #3 is a senior in high school this year. If you remember Son #2 was a senior last year. Wow the senior year is very expensive.

Above is his picture that will be going into the yearbook. He is not the dress up kinda guy so he went with a Carhart T-shirt that is all him. I will have more picture soon to show off. Expense #1 senior pictures this can range from $150 to $500 it just depends on your package.

Then there is the yearbook. a basic yearbook is $65.00 this is Expense #2.

Cap and gown. You would think we just had a senior last year so we would not have to buy this. Oh no the school decided to change colors. We will now have one in forest green (last years) and a set in a weird gray green color (this years). I'm sure when our little guy graduates it will even be a different color. Expense #3 isn't really bad $50.00.

There is also announcement have to be ordered. We only order about 10 of these because we don't have a big family and I make party invites when the time comes. Expense #4 is under $20.00.

We didn't do a class ring those start at about $200.00. We will still have things coming up towards the end of the year and then there is the party. Did I just do all this? Yes I did.


The Painted Veil said...

Handsome young man-Congratulations to him and you!!

We had 4 that graduated and two that went to college. The cost is incredible.

How nice of the school to change colors. But, they probably need the funding with all of the budget cuts.

I hope you have a great day!

Ann said...

Very nice senior portrait. I know how expensive it can get, those portraits alone are killer and that was quite a few years ago for me. How odd that they change the color of the gowns for graduation. You would think they would stick with the same color every year

siteseer said...

What is the cost that 'they' say a child costs? The amazing part is that it doesn't end with graduation. The investment is totally worth it though. Amazing citizens that will hopefully help us in our old age lol

B Boys Mom said...

Kid's sure do cost but worth every penny.