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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Annual Trip to Frankenmuth

I'm on vacation this week and today was a great day. We headed north about a hour to Frankenmuth with my brother and sister in law. Frankenmuth is a very nice little town known for their chicken dinners and Bronner's. We started our day out at Bronner's which is huge and all Christmas decorations. If you are not in the Christmas mood Bronner's will put you in it. We walked around Bronner's in total confusion because there is just so much in there. We ended up buying 4 new Christmas ornaments. Every year I buy each of my boys a special ornament. I picked one up for Son #3 regarding deer hunting. For Son #1 a ornament with a bowling ball and pins. He has really been enjoying bowling this year. Then My Hubby and I decided on a beautiful bulb. Darn I didn't take a picture of them. Maybe tomorrow.

This was outside.

This was by the doors.

This is me and My Hubby when we were walking around.

Some of the decorations.

Look at all the trees and ornaments. This was just one very small area.

This was a fun sign outside.

What a fun big Santa.

After all that walking around we ended up at Zehnder's for lunch/dinner.

This is my sister-in-law with her hot chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes and stuffing. I had the same thing. Yep we both left with a doggy bag or should that be a hubby bag?
This was My Hubby's 3 piece chicken lunch. He couldn't even eat it all. Everything we had was just wonderful. If you are ever in the area please take the time to walk around Frankenmuth and stop for lunch or dinner. I'm sure you will enjoy it.


siteseer said...

I enjoy Bronners any time of year, but especially Christmas time.

Ann said...

Bronners sounds a lot like Kranacks (not sure if i have the spelling right on it) but it is also all Christmas and quite large. That really looks like a fun place.
Holy smokes look at all the food on that plate :) I would have needed a doggy/hubby bag too