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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ribbon Candy Ornament Craft

I love the look of Ribbon Candy. I have Ribbon Candy candles and glass ornaments. I found this project over at Better Homes and Gardens. If you read my blog much you would of been able to guess where I found this. I just love there idea's. I thought these Ribbon Candy ornaments looked easy to make and would look so good on a tree or even gifts.

Make a Ribbon Candy Twist Ornament
Wow family and friends with these handcrafted retro ribbon candy styled ornaments.

What You Need
•Spray adhesive
•Wide, medium, and narrow ribbon
•Water-soluble marking pen
•Long-eye beading needle
•White embroidery floss
•Eleven 10-mm-round pearls

How to Make It
1.Glue the medium-width ribbon to the center of the wide ribbon.
2.Trim the length to measure 16 1/2 inches.
3.Using the pen and a ruler, mark dots down the center of the ribbon at 1-1/2-inch intervals on both sides of the ribbon.
4.Thread the beading needle with an 18-inch length of embroidery floss.
5.Slip a pearl onto the floss.
6.Carefully remove the needle, and then rethread it with both ends of the floss. The ends of the floss should be even.
7.Push the needle from one side of the ribbon through the other side at the first mark (the first pearl is now at the bottom of the ornament); add a pearl.
8.Push the needle from the one side of the ribbon through to the other side at the second mark; add a pearl.
9.Continue until you have 11 pearls on the string.
10.To finish, secure the thread and attach a hanging ribbon.


A.Marie said...

Oh wow...that looks pretty enough to eat!!! LOL

I also love ribbon candy and although this is an ornament, it seriously looks like the real thing!

Ann said...

I was browsing through the ornament projects on better homes and gardens the other day and saw that one. It is pretty, and so easy too.

April said...

It's very pretty,but mine probably wouldn't look that good.