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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Opening Day of Deer Hunting 2010

Son #3 loves to hunt. Thanks goodness he has a uncle that also loves to hunt. Last year was his first year to go up north to deer camp and he shot a deer. This year he was lucky again. Above is son #3 with his deer. We now have a freezer full of meal.


Ann said...

Congratulations to him. I haven't had venison in quite some time. My ex was a hunter and we always had a freezer full. Maybe my son will go out this year and get one and share with his mom :)

sheila said...

Poor bambi!!

I have some of the best pictures of my grandfather from the time he was 20 until he was 80 with his catches and his Bow. He lived far away and would visit us one a year with his frozen venison and frozen fish and cook for us for a week before he would leave again for another year. Thanks for posting the picture and bringing back the memories.