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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little About Nothing

I went to write a post and I just went blank. I have a bunch of pictures that I haven't shared so I went and looked at some of them. I like this one it's of one of the roads I ride down to go home. This year the trees were just so beautiful. I love all the colors. The pictures doesn't do it justice.

Let's see what Smokie has been up to..........

She is our indoor kitty that will not stay inside. She is a big hunter and hunts chipmunks. She keeps our yard free of Chip and Dale along with Alvin. She also loves batting around acorns. I have tried to get a video of her playing but she is a little camera shy. She was distracted here and didn't notice the camera was out.

1 comment:

Ann said...

I often have the same problem. Most of my post ideas come from browsing through my photos.
What a great road to travel down and Smokey is looking very interested in something there.