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Sunday, November 7, 2010

JV football at Adrian College

Today we went to Adrian College to watch the son of very good friends play football. This is his first year at Adrian and he is playing on the JV team. We went down there a couple of weeks ago and it was a very hot Sunday afternoon game. Today it was a little different. The air was cold and then there was the wind. It was cold. I was all bundled up and did a good job of staying warm.

Adrian College has a wonderful stadium. This is the entrance to the stadium. Just inside is the bulldog leaning on a big A. This is my Little Guy and his friend by the bulldog.
Below is the best part of the stadium. The seats, I guess my picture isn't very good, but they are seats with cup holders not just a very cold medal bench. Oh and there is room for people to get out of the row. This is great and I wish every college and high school stadium had this.

We did some tailgating before the game. Terrie made Philly Willy's Chili and it was very good. She also made chocolate covered bacon pictured above. It was good but I could only eat a little. Now my Little Guy loved it and couldn't stop eating it.
My Little Guy and his friend had fun out on the field after the game running around.
We even did a little tailgating after the game. The boy in the middle is the player we were there to watch. We waited for him to come out so we could tell him good job. Adrian won 29 to 0. I'm glad to be nice and warm at home now. But it was a very fun day with friends.


Becki said...

I've had a few people recommend chocolate covered bacon, but I just can't bring myself to try it!

Ann said...

Well all that food for the tailgating party looks like the best part to me :) That looks like a very nice stadium though. Sounds like Adrian has a good team