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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Review-Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel

Hope Dunne is one of the best photographers in the world, so naturally National Book Award winner Finn O’Neill wants her to do the portrait for his next book cover. Hope goes to London, expecting a photo shoot that lasts a couple of days, tops, but soon succumbs to Finn’s devilish good looks and endless charm. The trip to love is short, and Finn soon talks Hope into staying at his Irish family’s ancestral home. But Ireland isn’t the paradise Hope imagined. Discovering that Finn has told her one untruth after another, Hope has to accept that he is a sociopathic liar. To make things worse, Finn’s thoughtful attentions turn to obsession, and he flies into jealous rages with little or no provocation. Hope knows things could be dangerous in Finn’s country mansion, that she should break free, but he has snared her with good times and great sex. Hope and Finn each have the sort of emotionally packed backstory Steel’s readers expect, while the isolated-woman-in-danger theme gives the novel a modern gothic feel. Steel’s fans will be delighted by this story of a woman seduced by a man who is too good to be true.

I really liked this book. I normally feel that all of Danielle Steels books are the same. Same story just different names. Well I thought this one was a little different. It did have the basic girl meets boy and falls in love but will a little bit of a twist to this one. I love fast easy reads that take me away from my life. This book did that and so I'm happy.


Ann said...

I don't do much reading these days other than blogs but that sounds like a good one

siteseer said...

I'm reading an Irish setting book right now too. Love the brogue and sassy girls lol

Ann said...

stopping by to let you know that you've been tagged :) in my post thursday night.

B Boys Mom said...

Ann you are very busy with your blog and crafts I can see why you don't read much.