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Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Labor Day Weekend

I can't believe that our last long weekend of summer is almost over. My kid's start school tomorrow and I think we are all ready.

I started the weekend with a day off on Friday. I was really looking forward to my day off. The weather here changed we went from 90 to 60 over night. My head doesn't like this at all. I was in bed with a very bad headache all day Friday (my day off) and most of Saturday. What a very big bummer.

Son #2 came home from college for the first time on Friday. He ended up going and seeing his friends that night and came home Saturday to go to his little brothers football game. By then I was feeling good enough to go to the game. Which they won.

Sunday my Brother and Sister-in-law and family came out with dinner. What a wonderful surprise. The brought pulled pork that was very good.

My Brother-in-law enjoying his sandwich.
The Swans were down by the dock so we went down and feed them some bread. They sure are big birds. The ones with the grey beaks are the babies.
Then today we just hung out and took it easy. The neighbors were having a BBQ. Their son got out his spud shooter. They had a friend go out in a boat to see if they could catch a spud. Boys can be so funny.
This is them loading the spud gun.
All loaded and getting ready to shoot.
See the guys out in the boat that they are shooting at?
They missed and went looking for the spud. It was fun to watch till they ran out of potato's.

All and all it was a good weekend. A little cold for my liking but nothing I can do about that.

What did you do this weekend?


Ann said...

It was much colder here that what I like but it was still a nice relaxing weekend. I pretty much slept all day long on Saturday. Too bad about that headache on your day off. Glad you were able to still enjoy the weekend.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

A spud shooter!! ha ha! Sounds like fun!

B Boys Mom said...

The spud gun was fun. The boys were having a great big red neck fun time. Remember they were not my boys but the neighbors.