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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The last of summer

Today is the last day of summer and what a beautiful day it was. I unfortunately didn't get to spend much time enjoying it. I could see from the windows at work the beautiful blue sky with big fluffy clouds floating by. I did take my lunch by taking a ride to the bank. The thermostat in the car read 87. Wow what a beautiful day.

When I came home I thought I would look around the yard and see if I had any flowers left and this is what I found.

This last picture is of a little sunflower that grew in the middle of a pile of dirt left over from a yard project. We were going to use it for a garden and never ended up getting to it.

I'm very sad that summer is over. Fall or Autumn what every you prefer to call it is here. Time for the trees to start changing colors and a trip to the cider mill.


siteseer said...

There are still a few hangers on :) I have no hibiscus blooming at all, but I remember other years with the girls in the pumpkin pictures and we had blooming hibiscus.... Guess I did something wrong this year :(

Ann said...

Oh wow, I forgot that yesterday was the last day of summer. Darn, I miss it already :) Temps here were really nice too, I think the high was 86