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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do The Reuse Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aladdin. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you stop by the coffee shop on the way to work to get your favorite coffee? Do you buy case after case of bottled water? Would you be willing to give these things up and Do The Reuse Challenge?

Now you are asking what is this Do The Reuse Challenge?

Aladdin is asking you to make a 30-day commitment to give up disposable paper cups, water bottles, or food containers. Everyone can participate the more the better. There will be 9 families blogging about their experience on the Aladdin website.

To help you with your challenge Aladdin is offering a discount and free shipping to anyone who does the Do The Reuse Challenge. If you don't have your own coffee cup or reusable water bottle then head on over to Aladdin and pick one out.

You can also check out Aladdin on Facebook.

Check out these facts. I was surprised by them.

 ● Seven million barrels of oil are used to produce the disposable bottles Americans go through in one year.
● In the United States, 50 billion disposable water bottles are consumed per year; 137,000 per day; 1,585 per second.
● It costs about $165 a year to make drip coffee at home versus $636 to buy drip coffee at your local café.
● Unless we change our habits, 23 billion paper coffee cups will be thrown out in 2010.
● Nine dollars will generally cover a decent lunch out. If you buy rather than pack a lunch five days a week, you shell out about $2,350 a year.

I know I'm signing up to Do The Reuse Challenge. I'm very willing to do my part to save our plant.






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Ann said...

I always make my coffee at home and use my handy dandy travel mug. I am guilty of the plastic bottle thing though. Sounds like a good plan

siteseer said...

We all need to do our part to make this a better world for the next generation. And the added bonus of $ saved is huge. Good post