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Monday, September 27, 2010

ATETV Train today for Jobs Tomorrow

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Are you or someone in your family thinking about going back to school? Do you have a child in high school that doesn't know what they want to do when they get out of high school? It's very hard to figure out what kind of career path you should take. Jobs are very hard to find but you have a much better chance if you have training. Have you thought of a education in Science, Engineering, Math or the Technology fields. These are all growing fields right now and will be in the future.

ATETV has a wonderful website with free videos that were produced with a grant from the National Science Foundation to get young people into the Science, Engineering, Math and Technology fields.

According to the Labor Department, the demand for technical based trained/educated employees in the United States will be far greater in the future than the numbers of students being trained today for the jobs to come. These are the fields that will be in demand and what people need to get educated in.

ATETV  showcases real job opportunities that exist through a vast array of emerging, high-tech fields such as underwater robotics, laser technology, aviation mechanics, wind-farming and high-tech agriculture. The NSF funded the project as a tool to get kids interested in the emerging fields by first of all telling them about the career choices and then highlighting the training options available.

The ATETV website is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

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siteseer said...

interesting stuff.... do any of us really know what we want to do when we grow up?