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Thursday, August 5, 2010

When Lightning Strikes by Kristen Hannah

Romance author Alaina Costanza is propelled backward in time to the Wild West by a lightning bolt and comes face to face, not with the hero of her work in progress, but with its villain, Killian. Sexier than she'd imagined him to be, Killian is in the midst of holding up a bank in a town Alaina knows only too well, for she created it. Certain that she's dreaming, Alaina soon realizes she's trapped in a world of her own making-with a man who refuses to keep to the script she's written for him. Unfortunately, Hannah takes this promising premise and, after a hilarious first few pages, goes nowhere with it. Alaina's tough-talking, wise-cracking jibes quickly wear thin, especially since they're centered around 20th-century references that miss their mark with Killian. The author misses a golden opportunity to make the most of her setting and plotline by ignoring the history going on around her characters. Surprisingly, Alaina, author and history buff, never once comments on 19th-century life or costumes, which would have intrigued historical romance fans much more than the uninspired love story offered instead.

A few months ago I read my first book by Kristen Hannah and loved it. I just wanted to read more. With this book I picked the wrong one. I did not like this book at all. It didn't hold my interest but I did finish it. I think this book could be condensed into one chapter. I have moved on to another one of her book and so far I like it. This is just not her best work.

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siteseer said...

I agree, it was not her best work. I really liked Winter Garden, Firefly Lane and True Colors. Which are her most recent works.