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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun Photo Frame Craft Project

This is what I made for my son and most of his friends for graduations gifts this years. It's easy and everyone seems to love them.

What you will need is:

A 8 X 10 piece of card board. I just cut up a box.

A 12 X 12 piece of scrapbook paper for the front. A smaller piece for the back.

Ribbon to go with your paper and theme of your frame.

Stickers to go with your theme.

A acrylic magnet frame 4 X 6. I bought mine at Wal-Marts for $1.00

A frame stand. Once again I bought mine at Wal-Marts for $1.00

Glue gun and glue sticks plus scissors.

Make two holes into the cardboard where you want to put your ribbon. I wanted mine in the top right hand corner.
Place the paper down that you want on the front and glue your cardboard to it.
I fold my corners like a gift package.
Use the scissors to poke holes in the paper where you have holes in the cardboard. Cut your ribbon for the size bow you want on the frame. Bring ribbon from the back to the front. I used two pieces of ribbon yellow and green here. After I have my bowed where I want it I glue the paper on the back of the frame.
Tie the bow and glue it where you would like it to be on the frame.
Take the magnet off the back of the acrylic frame and glue it into place. Cut a piece of paper to go were the picture will go if you don't already have a picture. Add the stickers you have picked out. I have a graduation cap and rolled diploma. I also added a sticker to the acrylic frame.
Place on stand and you are all finished. My sister-in-law did one for a baby shower all in pink with cute baby shoes on it. She also did one for a wedding. She had the wedding colors and added a medal charm to the bow. Just let your imagination go crazy.


jenn said...

Tammy, that is awesome! I think these would make great Christmas gifts for the kids to make their grandparents.

Ann said...

LOVE IT. Of course anything that uses paper, glue and cardboard is my kind of project. That turned out wonderful.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I LOVE it! Very clever!

siteseer said...

What a great tutorial. I'll be back to get directions when I'm in the market for a great gift.

Becki said...

You are so crafty! Very cute project :)