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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fertilize Friday

I have been really enjoying logging the progress of my yard. I can't believe how fast everything grows. Thanks Judi at Where The Road Takes Us for getting me started with Fertilize Friday.

If you too would like to log your gardens growth and see many other fabulous gardens join over at Tootsie Time.
This week I'm going to highlight my yard art. We live on a lake so I have a frog theme for my yard art.

Mushrooms? How did they get into the yard?
This fireplace was in the old cottage. I just love it and had my hubby put it out by the shed. I need to do some planting around it and do more with it but not this year.
Here are some tomato's from the hanging plants we planted in the spring.
I found a little friend in the garden.

This is a hibiscus that I thought was a weed.
Above is the leaf of the Hibiscus that I thought was a weed and below it from my other Hibiscus plants.


This is a better picture of the plant I don't know the name of.
More frogs

I hope you enjoyed walking in my garden.


Ann said...

I love all your frogs, especially the one with the gnome riding on it's back. That old fireplace is really cool too. What a great addition to your garden

Becki said...

Very cool - thanks for sharing :) I love old stuff like the fireplace.

siteseer said...

you still have lots of blooms to flaunt... pretty. Love all your frogs, birdhouses and the fireplace. Let's face it... I love your property!