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Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Fair

I love going to art fairs. One of the best to go to around here is the Ann Arbor art fair. It's really 4 fairs in one. It's huge. One of my best friends went with me and we had a great time. The weather was not the best it was hot and it rained off and on. I do think the rain kept the crowds down and that is a good thing. Ann Arbor is a college time the University of Michigan is in Ann Arbor. There are some wonderful old building there.

Below was one of my favorite booths. They had frames that were made of medal and you could add things to them that attached with magnets. I love pictures and bright colors so this was my pick.

Below is lunch! We shared the burger and nachos. Both were yummy.

There are 4 art fairs at this fair.
This is one of University buildings.


jenn said...

I love art/craft fairs. Those picture frames look awesome!

siteseer said...

I haven't been to the AA fair in years. It was always fun though.

Becki said...

Very cool! That picture of the nachos is making me hungry!!

Ann said...

I just love going to things like that. I usually don't buy much but I love to look and get ideas.