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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where I Have Been

Sorry I have been away. We have been really busy and I have so much to share with everyone. Son #2 graduated and I did blog about that. He also was entered into the Hall of Fame at the High School which is a wonderful honor. That same night he was honored with being named the male Highlander of the year. To finish things off we had his graduation party. Then came 4th of July which we did fireworks in our back yard and they were just great.

This week I have been off on vacation. I have really been looking forward to this week for a long time. Things have not gone as planned. The end of last week I wasn't feeling very good I thought I had a sinus thing going on. But on Friday I was doing great and thought I was all better. On Sunday I was heading into Urgent Care I was feeling so bad. It ended up my sinus problem went into Bronchitis. That same afternoon I took Son #3 into Urgent Care to find out he had Pneumonia. Today Son #3 is doing much better. I'm having a hard time keeping him from doing to much. I'm still sick. I cough and cough and it's a very ugly gross one. Plus I'm super tired. Today was better then yesterday so I think I'm over the hill and on the mend.

What a way to spend a vacation. But on the other hand I was going to have to use this time anyways if I was sick. I could not of gone to work the way I have been feeling. Now I just want to feel good for Monday for when I do head back to work.

I hope to post about all the things I haven't posted about in the next couple of days. Plus visit all the blog I have not been visiting.


Ann said...

too bad you had to spend your vacation being sick. Hope you and your son are feeling better

siteseer said...

YIKES!! Sorry you haven't been well. When we were camping last weekend I was out of it too. Sunday I was finally getting over the vertigo. :( Glad it's gone and glad you're on the mend.