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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Melissas Jewlery & Gemstone Store

I love to check out all kinds of etsy shops. There are so many creative and talented people out there. It's like a craft show right there on your computer.

Today I came across Melissas Jewlery & Gemstone Store. She really has some beautiful jewlery. My birthday is coming up and my birthstone is Periodot. I just fell in love with these Periodot birthstone stud earrings. I also thought they were a very good deal at $34.99.

If My Hubby is reading this here is a little hint for you :)


Ann said...

just in case he isn't reading it, it couldn't hurt to send him a link in his email. Then he can just click and buy :)

Melissa said...

My birthstone is Peridot as well. I have a pair just like those shown and I wear them every day all day. I love them.

Becki said...

Very pretty! Hope the mister sees your hint! ;)

siteseer said...

hmmm.. maybe a friend could give him a heads up ;)