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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - On Saturday

I have been really enjoying logging the progress of my yard. I can't believe how fast everything grows. Thanks Judi at Where The Road Takes Us for getting me started with Fertilize Friday.

If you too would like to log your gardens growth and see many other fabulous gardens join over at Tootsie Time.

Sorry I'm a day late. Thursday night it was raining. Friday morning it was dark and not a good time to take the pictures. Friday night I went out to take pictures and it was just beautiful out. I then went a little crazy with pictures. As you can tell I didn't get them posted. That is because there was a beautiful sunset and I had to post those pictures first. All that is why my Fertilizer Friday is being posted on Saturday. I hope you like my pictures enough to not mind that it's Saturday.

These are the sunflowers that came up from the bird seed.
Bloom from the butterfly bush.
Bird seed sunflower.
Cone Flower
Rose of Sharon, I have pink, white and purple blooms.
I don't know the name of this plant but I just love the flowers. I have heard they also come in purple. I think I'll have to look for a purple plant.
Purple Rose of Sharon.

This is my Holly Hock they just are not growing. I don't know why all the other plants are doing great.
A visitor in my garden.
My Hydrangea bush. I'm so happy I have the blooms that I have. My Mother in law has a Hydrangea bush and it has about 30 blooms on it. They are huge and all different colors. I need to get a picture of it. It is just beautiful.
One of my pot's on the porch.
The two large pot's by my front porch. They have grown so big you can't even see the pot any more.
My Hosta garden. I love all the different shades of green.
These pot's are on the deck in our front yard. We live on a small lake so the front is the side on the lake. We normally say the lake side or the road side.

Everything in my garden is really looking good. We have had a hot summer. We have been doing alot of water but the plants really seem to be loving it. It rained to day and is raining tonight so no watering for me tomorrow.
Happy gardening to you :)


Ann said...

With such a beautiful garden I don't blame you for hanging out and taking pictures. Everything looks so nice.

Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 said...

beautiful flowers collections :)

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

You have such a green thumb - I am a little bit green - with ENVY!!


siteseer said...

Love the sunflowers and your hibicus looks like it's blooming too. You should be glad that your got a FF at all :). My hollyhocks are blooming and I can't wait to get a picture before a storm takes it away, wanted to do a little deadheading before I took any pictures. Have a good time off... see you next week.