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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fertilize Friday

I have been really enjoying logging the progress of my yard. I can't believe how fast everything grows. Thanks Judi at Where The Road Takes Us for getting me started with Fertilize Friday.

Today is Judi's birthday so if you get a chance to stop by Where The Road Takes Us make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday.

If you too would like to log your gardens growth and see many other fabulous gardens join over at Tootsie Time.

I have to say I feel like I keep taking pictures of the same plants. This year my plants have really come together and are blooming so beautiful.

These are the pots we planted the beginning of the year with just little plants. They have really grown and I just love sitting on my porch looking at them. The humming birds seem to really love all the flowers.

The Hosta are getting big and starting to cover this area just like I was hoping.
Rose of Sharon bushes are just covered in blooms.
Hibiscus are just opening, the cone flowers have tons of blossoms and the butterfly bush is really tall and the butterflies are really enjoying the purple blossoms.

This is a Moon Flower that a good friend of mine gave me. I had one a couple of years ago and it had big white moon flowers all over it. This one doesn't seem to be growing. It doesn't look unhappy but I don't think it is getting enough sun.
This plant is my husbands it's called a China Blue and late summer it will be covered in these pretty little blue flowers. This is the first on on this plant this year.
I hope you enjoyed my garden.


jenn said...

You're flower shots are always so beautiful!

siteseer said...

Beautiful presentation as usual. Your hibiscus is a few days ahead of mine. Love all the colors and sunshine!!

Ann said...

just beautiful. you're garden has done very well