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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fertilize Friday

I hope my picture work this week. A couple of weeks ago I was having technical problems with my pictures showing up I think I fixed that now.

Below is my Hydrangea bush that I have had for years like 8 years and I have never had a flower on it. This year I have pink and blue flowers. I was so excited.

I have a ton of lilies. They are all in bloom and look just wonderful. Don't you love all the colors.


Ann said...

Everything looks so pretty. Love all the lilies. I have a hydrangea that my dad gave me when I first moved into my house. I just noticed the other day that it has flowers on it, I was so excited. I love those things.

siteseer said...

WOW!! you do have tons of color. And your hydrangea is beautiful!!! Glad it finally bloomed for you.

Michelle said...

You have quite a green thumb. They are all beautiful. Have a good day :)