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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fertilize Friday

I did this last week after seeing this on Where The Road Takes Us by Judi and it looks like fun. So I'm going to give it a try again.

Well, it's that time again to give all the plants a little special boost. I'm linked in with a wonderful hostess over at Tootsie Time. Check out all the other beautiful gardens, I know I will.

This is my carpet rose. It really is a carpet of beautiful red roses.

This is my butterfly bush. I can't believe how fast it has grown.

I love Hosta's Ihave them in every flower bed.

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Darla said...

Beautiful carpet rose...your butterfly bush looks very happy. Is that Spiderwort lily infront of the hosta? Nice Foxglove too!

Ann said...

Your garden looks wonderful. I also like hostas but for some reason they don't seem to do real well in my yard.

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful red rose and the hosta look so nice. They can fill in any garden and make a lush planting. Have a wonderful weekend.

siteseer said...

everything looks so healthy. The roses are stunning. I also like all of the garden "art". Very nice

Paula said...

Amazing carpet rose So brilliant and jus fun! Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

Tootsie said...

That carpet rose is gorgeous!!! I am jealous...can't grow a nice rose bush if someone paid me! haha
I am so glad you joined me again this week...sorry I am so late to visit...just have been crazy busy! I do hope you will join again and again...I am enjoying my visits!