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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movie Review - Bad Lieutenant

Rated: R
Run Time:122 minutes
Made in: 2009
Starring: Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes

Abel Ferrara's cult crime drama Bad Lieutenant is given a sister film with this Werner Herzog-helmed production that takes its inspiration from the original, but focuses on new characters and plotlines. Nicolas Cage steps into Harvey Keitel's mold of a corrupt and drug-addled police officer, with the scummy setting moving from New York City to New Orleans. Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, and Xzibit co-star in the Nu Image/Millennium Films picture.

I think Nicolas Cage is getting weirder and weirder. For starters if you are going to watch this movie pay attention to beginning. If you don't pay attention, like us you will not know why the lieutenant is in pain. I found this movie so bad that I didn't even finish watching it. My hubby thinks Eva Mendes is really great eye candy so he watched the whole thing. I'm going to give this movie 1 star out of 5.


Dorothy L said...

I have to agree with you...Nicholas Cage seems to have lost his mojo...or he has dropped off the most wanted list in the film industry.

LOL @ your hubbies eye-candy reasons for watching a movie. I have to wonder how many of us will sit through a bad film just to see our favorite actors :)

Anne said...

Thank you for the warning! When I first saw the post, I figured I would want to see it since I love Nicholas Cage, but after reading your post, I am going to give it a pass.

Ann said...

I don't know why but I have never been a huge Nicholas Cage fan. I've like a lot of his movies but him not so much :)

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