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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baseball Senior Night

Last week we had senior night for my high school son's varsity baseball team. I'm also team mom and loving it. I'm very proud of my son and all the hard work he does for good grade and a very high level of performance in his sports. He will be going to college in the fall and will be playing football in college. This is his last season playing baseball. He has played baseball since he was around 4 playing T-ball. He has played travel baseball since he was 10. Son #2 is a awesome 3rd baseman. He makes catches that are just amazing. During this game we honored all the seniors on the team. There is 6 of them.

Me, Son #2, My Hubby and The Coach

The Seniors


jenn said...

I am sure you are extremely proud of him!

siteseer said...

He's had an amazing run. Looking forward to watching it continuing into his college years.

Ann said...

I remember senior night for my daughter.