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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Birds

A couple of weeks ago my Hubby noticed we had a Robbins nest in one of our bushes and there were 3 little blue eggs in it. We have been keeping a eye on the 3 little blue eggs since.

Today we found 2 little baby birds in the nest. They were looking for their mom with their mouth wide open. There still is one blue egg not hatched.


Ann said...

Great pictures. We had a robins nest in our forsythia bush last year. It was so much fun keeping an eye on it. The momma bird though didn't seem to like us hanging out too much though.

jeng said...

Wonderful pictures. We also have bird's nest here in our backyard, but I have never seen blue eggs like that.

siteseer said...

How cute. I'll have to check our birdnest on our deck this afternoon. There are three eggs in there too. Robins also.