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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

I have a high school senior and he is on spring break right now down in Cancun. I have been very nerves about him going. I guess I will have to let him grow up and trust that he will do the right thing at some point. It didn't help that the weekend before my son left I read about a Notre Dame recruit that was drunk and fell 5 stories on spring break in Florida. I have linked the story below. I can not even image what this poor family is feeling right now. It's so sad. This kid had so much going for him and he made one bad choice and now he is dead. I have talked with my son and his room is on the first floor, thank goodness. Now I only have about a dozen other things to worry about. - Notre Dame Recruit Dies in Florida Mishap

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siteseer said...

That is so sad. Temporary stupidity results in permanent death. Accidents.... pure and simple.

Ann said...

What a sad way to end a life and at such a young age. But on another note, how cool is it to be spending spring break in Cancun?