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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wellness Daily

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I have to admit I put on some weight over the holidays and I have not lost it yet. I have thought about all kinds of things I should do to get back on track and loose this weight. I live in Michigan, it's winter, it's cold, it's snowy. I want to be a bear and just hibernate. The problem with that is I just don't feel good or happy. I think I have to check my health and wellness. If I can get on track with this I'm sure I will be much happier.

I went to and found all kinds of information that was very motivating. There is all kinds of article's about dieting, eating right, finding your balance and staying fit. All the things I needed to help get me started.

There is also a rebate coupon for Jennie-O Turkey. I fell in love with Jennie-O Turkey from watching The Biggest Loser. On the show they talk about the health benefits of eating Jennie-O Turkey so I thought I would try it. I have to tell you it is very yummy. Jennie-O has all kinds of products made out of turkey and I don't think there is a bad one.

Go and sign up at Wellness Daily and you will then receive a newsletter every 2 weeks full of information to help you with your wellness and health. Articles like these:

Lose Weight: High-fat diet hikes women's stroke risk

Eat Right: 4 common excuses to not get fit

Find Balance: Video: Squat with dumbbells

Stay Fit: A walk a day

Healthy Recipes: Feed 4 for $10

This is just a sample of all the information at If you are looking for information or just some motivation this is a great web site.

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